Training staff to work safely is a legal requirement. Hooper Safety provides nationally recognised safety courses accredited by the CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) plus specialist courses and tailor-made training to meet this need. Our training helps ensure your people know their obligations and the latest safe practices, in line with current law. You can also satisfy the enforcement authorities when they review your training as part of their inspections.

At Hooper Safety we strongly believe in relevant training which tackles the specific safety skills needed for different jobs, rather than overloading or confusing people with information that they don't need. Being able to prove that staff have been trained can be critical to any legal defence as it proves you take safety seriously, showing what lawyers term 'due diligence' But most importantly safe working practices are good for your business. Improved efficiency, lower absences and better customer service are often valuable spin-off benefits of safety training.

Our more popular CIEH Accredited safety courses are

We are also able to offer higher level training such as

We are always happy to discuss any other training requirements you may have.

Specialist safety courses

Tailored training
Individual and group training can be provided to meet your specific needs. We can train staff on your specific company safety policies. Hooper Safety are skilled at developing and delivering tailor-made training for large and small businesses, providing you with relevant training at realistic prices.

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A well trained team will be your business' biggest asset

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